Mustard doesn't have to be boring.

That's why we've kicked up regular ol' mustard to earn our saucy reputation.

We start with Canadian-grown organic mustard seeds and combine them with select craft beer from local breweries. Our mustards are then course-ground for an authentic texture that's flavourful, unique and most importantly, delicious. 

Where did this saucy little mustard come from?

Homemade barbecued burgers are a favourite in our home. When it comes to making a great burger, we're strong believers that fresh toppings are a must to level up the flavour.

That's when I started experimenting with homemade mustard that included one of my favourite ingredients - craft beer. After a bit of tweaking, the recipe quickly became a crowd favourite amongst our family and friends.

A friend finally gave a much needed 'kick-in-the-pants' to share the mustard. That's when The Saucy Moose came to be. 

Staying true to our roots, all of our mustard is still made in small batches. Preserving the flavour and authentic texture that originally made this mustard so uniquely delicious. 

All of our mustards are handmade and hand-packed inside a health-inspected kitchen in Huntsville, Ontario.

Because this isn't your average mustard, the possibilities are endless.

You can, of course, add it straight to a juicy, barbecued burger, sausage or even your favourite deli meat sandwich.

They're also a charcuterie board staple! Our mustards pair beautifully with strong, sharp cheeses and cured meats.

You can even glaze pork, chicken or beef with it. 

...and if you really want to make things interesting, go ahead and add a dab of it into your potato salad recipe or homemade salad dressing. 

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We appreciate you supporting our small, Muskoka-based business!